Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Some Thoughts on Wisdom, Wealth and Riches...

I have been praying about wisdom on money matters, and these things came into my mind...

Close your eyes and think for a minute what you would do if you were given $100,000 dollars today. Now take a piece of paper and write a list down the side of the paper of what you would do with it. Don’t show it to anyone… it is just for you to see.

As Christians, who really "needs" riches and wealth? In our life here on earth, we need “money” only as a means of bartering with others to care for our own needs or the needs of others… ALL else will eventually go to dust.

So many people spend so much money to keep themselves “looking younger,” but even our own bodies can’t go with us and “human beauty” is so fleeting when you look at it based on the knowledge of eternity.

Think of what most people spend money on—Check with God’s heart on the matter. Is that “object/service” one that will ultimately bring GOD glory or is it for your own pleasure and/or prestige?

Taking care of what GOD has given you (not what you’ve gone and gotten because of your “wants”) is good use for money. Being blessed by God is a way that He sometimes (with people He knows can handle it without the money taking over their lives) uses to draw others to us so that His message of love can be heard.

Money can be used to purchase the tools of a trade or to build and/or repair things that are NEEDED. Money or riches should never be the end reason for doing anything.

When we get to Heaven, the roads and building materials will be what many call “riches” down here, but up there, they are simply more beauty that surrounds us to bring joy/delight to our souls.

We need to learn to look at money through God’s eyes… what would He have us use it for? Sure He loves us and gives us some “stuff” because He loves to bring joy to His children, but He knows our hearts and as we grow in Him, we need to learn to weigh our motives for each purchase that WE are chosing to make… is this bought to impress others or simply to fulfill a “lust of the flesh?” OR, is it something God can ultimately use?

Example: One person buys a boat to be able to join a group of people they like/get along with, etc. so that they can eventually share God’s love, while another buys a boat purely for satisfying the “lusts of the flesh”—drinking, carousing, etc. with a specific “crowd,” to show off what they have.

Sometimes, it is a very thin line and we MUST examine our TRUE motives so that we don’t rationalize ourselves into getting something with “good intentions” but no true “call of God.” We need to ask God for wisdom to show us our true motives, and take the time to listen to His response to our request. If we don’t, the "things" can eventually take over our souls and become an idol, coming between us and God.
Now, go back and check your list. Evaluate where you think you are, compared to where God would want your heart...

Lord, help me to learn, each day, to turn to You for wisdom in each step that I take in ALL areas of my life. As Your child, I need to grow up, take more and more responsibility to follow You closer and closer, and then You will be able to entrust more to me, knowing that I will use Your gifts wisely and for YOUR purposes. Continue to give me only the things YOU know I can handle...

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a corgi said...

wise words, Linda. I have to remind myself a lot that God knows what we need and he has always supplied us with those needs, but I worry about money more than I should. I don't want a lot of things, I'm not one that enjoys shopping for clothes or knick-knacks for the house, but I made some really foolish decisions with money when it flowed more than it is flowing now and I regret those choices and the impact it has now on things and that causes some of my worry. But I just try to remember that if God knows how many hairs I have on my head, he knows what I need and will provide for me