Tuesday, September 1, 2009


God provided Manna for the Children of Israel for the entire time they were wandering in the desert. This was “food from Heaven.” When they finished their wandering, just after crossing the Jordan River (which had been parted during its flood stage like the Red Sea had been parted) the Manna stopped. They had come to a place where there was food for them and, like the poem "Footprints in the Sand," God no longer needed to "carry" them.

During the desert wandering, they received a wonderful gift that tasted sweet… almost like a dessert, and they had it so much that they grew tired of it and grumbled. How often are we given wonderful things that we get so used to having, that we want something MORE, and grumble, instead of asking in praise, when we don’t get the “More.”

It is possible that we would be blessed with the “more” if we just asked in praise and appreciation for the gifts He HAS given us. He says that we don't "have" because we don't ask, or we ask amiss...

Often, I don’t think we even know what the “more” is that we want, BECAUSE our eyes aren’t on the blessings that God is giving us today… Tomorrow is NOT promised. Smell the roses that are around you today! Look at the glistening diamonds shining in tiny rainbows of color in the dew, or laying on the blades of just watered grass…

Even IF we are traveling in the desert at the moment, with oasis’ few and far between, if we just look, we will find that there ARE blessings around us that God has given.

Is the desert there because we didn’t trust and follow God’s leading in the first place? If this is the case, He is waiting for us to ask, and He will guide us back to the blessed path that He has planned for us if we will just follow Him.

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