Thursday, September 10, 2009

Don’t straddle a barbed-wire fence...

“Don’t straddle a barbed-wire fence…” Matthew Hagee

I heard this from a preacher that was talking about today’s world and how so many are trying to straddle the fence on so many issues. He went on to say that out where he lives, most of the fences were made of barbed wire, so he had learned, early, that it isn’t wise to straddle the fence.

I thought about that and have noticed that over the past several years, as I’ve gotten closer to God, that things have gotten more Black & White in a lot of areas as I’ve held them up to God’s Word. I think, as we get closer to the time when Jesus returns, that those that are really seeking God and His ways AND searching out the real God from the Bible and not a god that they have made up in their minds from things they’ve heard, will also see things in a clearer light.

It doesn’t matter if Jesus’ return is tomorrow or 50 years from now, each day IS closer, and we need to be ready for when that time comes. He’s kept ALL His other promises, and I believe He will keep this one, too!

Back to straddling the fence… we need to be very careful which side we get off on, though, for BOTH sides may look, on the surface, to be beautiful pastureland, and if we don’t read the posted signs, we can get ourselves in trouble.

For example, if the sign says “Beware of Bull,” and we don’t SEE the bull ourselves, so decide to cut across that beautiful pasture to fish in that beautiful stream, we could find ourselves in some major problems. If, though, we follow the sign that says “Good fishing” on THIS side of the fence, we will find a wonderful place of blessing, rest and abundance.

As a Christian, God’s Word needs to be my sign post, or map of the area, and I need to believe it AND act on it. I need to get off the barbed wire fence where I can also end up getting hurt, and be sure that I get off on God’s side!

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a corgi said...

yep; I totally agree Linda. And we need to be in the Word when we have any questions about what we should do or what God would want us to do. I have to admit sometimes I straddled more in my past, but I'm trying to walk the straight and narrow God's path now