Sunday, February 7, 2010

Shroud of Ice

I was visiting over at Amusing Margaret, the Brown Recluse's blog, and saw the most beautiful pictures that she had taken of an "Ice Forest." It was one where all the trees and plants were covered in ice, and it had me thinking about it all day. I knew that the Lord had a poem for me to write and share, and it came to me a little while ago:

Shroud of Ice
By Linda Brock © 2-7-10

I saw a picture of plants shrouded with ice
And it made me think that’s often like life.
Hard and painful things close our hearts in…
Sometimes it’s hurt, and other times, sin,

But whatever has caused the ice to come,
It will melt if left to warm by the sun…
So if your heart is iced over today,
Just turn to the Son and start to pray.

As His love flows over your cold, frozen heart
The warmth of that love will cause a thaw to start.
And soon the buds of a new life will grow
In that place that was covered with hard packed snow

The life that the love the Son-shine can bring,
Will grow until your heart will be able to sing.


Karly said...

An absolutely beautiful poem! You're a very good poet :) When I was younger I used to write poems, but haven't done it for quite some time now. I never felt they were good enough lol. You definitely have a gift! Keep writing...I would love to see more. :)

That corgi :) said...

this is beautiful Linda; you captured the icy heart so well and how to make it melt through pray; very nicely done

and I did see those pictures in Meg's journal; they were gorgeous shots


The Brown Recluse said...

Oh, Linda...that brought tears to my eyes. Sometimes we pack our hearts in ice just because we forget our worth...our worth because Jesus loves us, lives in us, and we are sons and daughters of the most high God. I think that's where I have knowing that He truly loves me is iced over and I need Son-shine.

Angela said...

Just beautiful Linda! You have an amazing gift from the Lord! Thanks for sharing it with us!


Chatty Crone said...

Absolutely beautiful! sandie