Friday, January 1, 2010


Monica, over at Expressly Corgi, has been doing a Meme called “Get R Done Friday." Her idea was to host a meme devoted to procrastinators everywhere, to inspire and assist in getting ideas and projects finished by Friday. If you are interested, you can go HERE for the rules so that you can join us!

This really worked for me this week. I’ve been looking at our Corgi Puppy decorated backyard for about a week… maybe longer, and thinking “I REALLY need to get out here and clean up the newest batches of confetti that they have been decorating with. I really DO try to keep things up and out of reach but I think that Sadie is sneaky at times and she’s big enough to snatch paper plates off of the top of the desks or stove, or out of the trash can, etc. Now, she usually brings me things after she’s “cleaned” them for me, but apparently, the pups have gotten hold of some of her “snatchings.”

Lately, too, they’ve found that they can make confetti from the pup-pee pads I put down just inside the back door, in front of the doggy door for those who decide they just can’t make themselves go out into the storms we’ve had several times the past few weeks. (I THINK it’s Pippin, but I usually can’t prove it.) I’m probably going to have to quit putting them down as they really don’t use them very much at all anymore… at least not for anything more than confetti… GRRrrrr.

Well, I actually kept thinking about Git R Done Friday, until I was shamed into going out there and getting it all raked up. I used the dog poo to fill in the holes that our pups have been happily tunneling toward the fence as I’ve heard that dogs won’t dig if their holes are filled with that… Hope it works!

AND our backyard doesn’t look like a snowstorm anymore. Unfortunately, it was after dark by the time I got done, and apparently the flash on our old digital camera doesn’t reach very far, but I DID try to get a couple of pics showing the rake marks anyway. LOL! Thanks so much, Monica, for the prod I need to git some of these things done!


Angela said...

Corgi's are cute but they can be messy! They sure did do a number on your yard! I have an older dog who won't and don't get into the trash but Jazz the corgi will. She will dump it out all over the garage even if there is no food in the trash bag.

I had a half corgi when I was a teen. His mother had him in the garage. I remember when we went to get him they were playing in trash. After we got him home he made himself a trash pile on top of a hill where he liked to lay. We called him the trash collector! He actually went to a neighbor's house and drung in one of their shoes. That evening he drung in the other shoe! lol Pups!

Get R Done Friday!
Happy New Year!

That corgi :) said...

that would not be fun to have to clean up after them as they decide to "decorate" your yard with clutter and debris

so far Koda hasn't been destructive on things like that; never really chewed on things like furniture or shoes etc. I'm blessed I think

interesting about what to do if they dig and fill their holes in with; he's not a digger either so I haven't had to deal with that either

(geesh, maybe he's not a corgi, LOL)

good for you getting something accomplished, always a good feeling


ClassyChassy said...

Thanks for joining in GET R DONE this week! I'm glad you got 'shamed' into cleaning up the pee pad snow in your yard!!! Even if you live out in the wilderness, fake snow just does not look as nice as the Corgis say it does! Naughty little scamps! Have a great weekend, Linda!!! And keep on GETTING R DONE!

Chatty Crone said...

That was funny - just like kids - so easy to make the mess - so hard to clean it up. sandie

ocmist said...

I think it is a lot harder with three working together to think of things to get into and egging each other on all the time! LOL

Diann said...

Well you had a chore to do! But I bet it felt great to deal with it and get it done!