Tuesday, October 27, 2009

An Old Indian Story…

I heard a story once that has always stuck with me. It was about an old Native American Indian who was talking to a traveling preacher. The preacher knew that the Indian had accepted the Lord a while back and was asking how he was doing in his faith.

The Indian told him, “ I feel as if there is a black dog and a white dog fighting within me… one leading me toward evil and the other toward good!”

The preacher asked, “Which dog is winning?”

The Indian answered, “ The dog that I feed the most!”

This story explains why I try to spend a lot of time during the day listening to Christian TV programming or Christian Radio, why I read good Christian fiction, and why I read my Bible everyday. I want the White Dog to win within me. The more of the Bread of Life that I eat, and the more of the Living Water that I drink, the stronger my reborn spirit will become and the faster it will grow.


seeking the truth said...

amen to that, Linda! people don't realize how much they are impacted by what they watch on TV or read or listen to as far as music or talk radio; you definitely got your priorities right :)


Odd Chick said...

I have always loved that story myself and believe strongly in the same ancient wisdom of that old Indian. What we feed thrives, what we starve dies. Let that never be our own souls.