Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Wonderful Weekend!

We had a really good weekend! We went up to Mick’s town and attended Anna Elizabeth’s Dedication Service, and a lot of family was able to attend. Both of my sisters went, along with my Brother-in-law and one of my grand-nieces….

Another thing that was great, was that my eldest son, Charles was able to attend, too. He had spent the last week driving out from St. Pete, FL, and he got there a couple of hours before church started. He’d driven 28 hours straight from E. TX, from my son, Jay’s house to get here. He is out here to visit and to attend his 20th High School Class Reunion.

A lot of my daughter-in-law’s family were also able to come up, and we got some great “5 Generations” pictures.

Their church is a lot like ours on their Baby Dedication Services. We know that a baby can’t make an informed decision about following Christ, but that it is the adults around that child that have the responsibility to lead and teach that child in the way they should grow. We choose to make a covenant with God that we will do the best we can to accept that responsibility. It is not JUST the parents, but the extended family AND the church family that seek to be good role models and teachers.

It was so great to see Charles, as well as my newest grand-daughter, and it was a fun visit for everyone. Jenn’s family are all wonderful people and we all get along really well.

My grand-niece, Jamie, is the one that looks a lot like Kody and is close to the same age. They really love to play with each other, too, so it was a good day for Kody and he got a lot of attention, too.

Robert had to work at our church, so he wasn’t able to go, but he took OC, Dott, BG and Mercy into town, to my sister’s place, so OC was taken care of and didn’t have to go with us. (We can’t leave her here by herself because she needs her wheelchair to go outside with.)

I just Praise God for His goodness and mercy that my kids are following him and teaching my grandchildren in the ways of Life that are promised to those that follow Him. I am so very thankful that Charles was able to make it out here safely, and am praying that he has a great visit and makes it home safely too.

God is so good! Sometimes it is hard to put our beloved children and grandchildren all the way into His hands, but it really is the very best place for them, for, though it seems impossible, He loves them more than we do, and He knows the paths their lives are on more than we do. Some of life’s lessons are hard and some are glorious, but all are in HIS hands.

If you would like to see more pics of Anna and the Dedication, you can click here:  Anna’s Dedication Facebook Album


Angela said...

That's wonderful Linda! I'm glad that you got to get together with your family on such a joyous occasion. Anna is such a beautiful little baby. And so blessed!


That corgi :) said...

beautiful baby and family, Linda! I am glad so many could come to Anna's dedication. Our church does the same thing with dedications, which I think is soooo totally cool! So awesome too that your family has a relationship with the Lord as well as each other!!!


Chatty Crone said...

Anna is so sweet and so cute and so pink!

You had every one there - like a family reunion. How cool is that.

A real blessing - babies, family, and GOd!


Rose said...

it's wonderful that your family got together to be involved in this dedication. alot of caring people. rose

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Oh how precious! A beautiful baby indeed! You all look so happy, and how wonderful that you were all there to welcome her to God's fold.

achieve1dream said...

Anna is cute!!

Sorry I haven't visited in a long time. I was so busy I stopped following a lot of blogs, but since I'm caught up I'm back!! I hope you post again soon. It looks like it's been a while. I hope things are going well.