Friday, December 11, 2009

Get R Done Friday…

Monica, over at Expressly Corgi, has been doing a Meme called Git R Done Fridays,” and I decided to join the fun this week with this post on our Corgi Christmas Tree. This is her button for this Meme. Her idea was to host a meme devoted to procrastinators everywhere, to inspire and assist in getting ideas and projects finished by Friday and that’s definitely ME! If you are interested, you can go HERE for the rules so that you can join us!

As I mentioned in my last post, the Corgis bring a lot of fun and laughter into our lives, and when I got some really cute gifts from Angela at West Virginia Treasures that looked like they would make some great tree ornaments, I decided that we WOULD put up a tree this year, and we used the snowflakes and beautiful red stocking/lacey boot that Angela sent. I also learned that my grandson, Little Bear – my nickname for him since he was born-- who was 6 this year, is getting to come and stay with us for a couple of days just after Christmas, and I know he’d love to see a tree.

Anyway, we decided to take pictures of all of our corgis in their Christmas hats, make a couple of pics of each, print them, laminate them and then cut them out and hang them for ornaments.

Robert took a picture of Dott saying, “Please, Please” and photo shopped wings on it.

Then he put two of those pics together, back to back, and added a halo between the pieces for a “Corgi Angel” tree topper. Didn’t it come out cute!!!?

This is a little 3 foot tree with fiber optic lights at the ends of the pine needles that twinkle with different colored lights (which don’t show up well in the pics) and we think it came out looking GREAT!

I’ve learned an awful lot about God’s love and about the way I should love Him from the animals that I’ve had in my life, and I thank Him for the Joy that all these little sweet faces bring. He sent His son, Jesus, to be born in a manger around animals, and I believe that He loved them too, and gave them to us… to people… to learn about love and caring for others. I am not putting them up to make them above the regular “Christian” reminders, but AS a reminder to me of true love that I should show to the things God has given me, and of the way that they give unconditional love… the way I should love God.


Angela said...

That is just precious! I love the Dott Angel that Robert made! That is just over the top! He sure is talented! I had a chihuahua that would do that with her little feet and we would say that she was praying for someone. One time I asked her to pray for my uncle and she went to town praying for him. I told him that he needed a lot of prayer as I hadn't ever seen her pray that long! She truly was a blessing in my life!

I'm so glad that you enjoyed your lace snowflakes. They look great on your tree! I also love your idea of taking pictures of your corgi's with Santa hats on and putting them on the tree! It's truly an work of art!

Merry Christmas!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

You are the most creative family! Love the idea of a corgi Christmas tree. Of course, we knew already, that corgis are angels!

That corgi :) said...

how clever with the corgi tree! looks so cute! glad your grandson will be spending some time with you this Christmas season!

I know the Lord loves all of his creation (especially corgi pups, LOL)


Chatty Crone said...

A Corgi Christmas tree - now I've seen everything. Nice.